Elevate Home Loans is an equipment finance specialist.

Elevate home loans work closely with our clients recommending the appropriate type of funding to match the nature of the equipment being purchased. Elevate home loans have built a team of Finance professionals who will address your requirements, while offering knowledge on a wide array of financial products.

Elevate home loans have built a business that is flexible, responsive and focused on relationships, not transactions. These qualities enable us to offer tailored solutions to our customers' most demanding equipment financing challenges.”


Chattel Mortgage
Chattel Mortgage is essentially a Mortgage over the goods being financed. Once the goods have been purchase they automatically become the customers. The benefit of this is being able to take advantage of the tax benefit and depreciate the goods, running costs and claim the interest paid. The Chattel Mortgage allows businesses to claim the GST in there next BAS statement.
Operating Lease ( Rental )
is where the lessee enjoys the benefit of the use of the product without the equipment showing on the balance sheet. This product is best utilised on equipment finance.
Finance Lease
This is an agreement that covers the useful life of the product with an agreed residual value of the asset at the end of the term.
Commercial Hire Purchase
A commercial hire purchase is an agreement where the customer hires the vehicle from the financier for a fix monthly rate over a set period of time.
Novated Lease
A Novated Lease agreement is a Tri Partied leasing agreement between an employer, an employee and their financier. The Employee leases a vehicle in their own name and, for the period the Employee is employed with the original employer, lease payments are deducted in a tax effective manner from their salary.
Master Lease
A master lease facility provides a business with a pre-approved fixed credit limit, the business can draw down funds to purchase assets in a fixed period. This product is a suitable for quick growth customer.